Researcher candidate

In Tutkijankammio (Researcher’s Chamber) I often call myself Researcher candidate. It is the part of my identity that gets most of the attention in this publication. As Candidate I am writing my doctoral dissertation in digital culture (the School of Cultural Production and Landscape Studies, University of Turku) about life-publishing on the internet. I started my bachelor studies in 2004 and proceeded to my MA in January 2008, after which I started my doctoral studies. When writing this, a year has gone, and things have cleared out a bit, but only a bit.

Then what is it, except for a researcher candidate in digital culture? It is a mom for a pre-teen and a yet unborn Dude/tte (expected to join us in May 10th 2009), green-haired woman, crazy cat lady, book worm… Reads trash novels and milk cartoons as much as research literature and prefers House m.d. and Dexter to timely documents. Tries to see the life and the world in a little more relaxed way than the perfectionist in it would let it to. Answers, when wants to, to the name Sari. Despite of all mentioned, escapes categorizing. A human being. Maybe.

Also personal qualities I find more private as well as qualities I do not recognize will most likely be seen in Tutkijankammio. They are, just like my affection to humanistic research, a part of me; I cannot separate life from work completely for that to me, also work is life. Mainly, though, I want to make visible the process that started along with my Master’s Thesis and ends… when? Never, maybe. A researcher, up to which I am hoping to grow, is hardly never fully educated. One process will come to end when the dissertation is ready. Originally, I hoped that would happen in 2011, but now, with Dude/tte in my womb, I’m happy with 2013.

I constantly collect theme writings about what life-publishing means to you, so if you like, you are welcome to participate with your own ‘essay’, short or long. Here are some themes you may for example ponder in your writing:

What does the word life-publishing bring to your mind? Do you do it? Why? Why not? Do you follow life-publications; what kinds; why / why not? What kinds of meanings this kind of activity has to you? What do you think about it?

I also constantly collect publications (f. ex. blogs, gallery sites, communal site profiles, video diaries on web…) so if you feel you are a life publisher, please leave a note and your site url for example to the comment box of this page. Note: I will NOT ask for or reveal any identification, the url to the original publication is needed only for collecting data.

In wider scale, Candidate is interested in the subject matters of digital / nowadays culture. I always want to know who does what and especially why. My publications and other academical activity (by now, very few) you can see here:

Artikkelit (Articles); Avaudutaan arjesta (Master’s Thesis, in Finnish); Kirja-arvostelut (Book Reviews); Luennot (Lectures; Seminaariesitykset (Presentations in Seminars/Conferences)

If you wish to contact the Candidate, you can reach me for example through these:

Sari Östman
firstname.lastname[at] (large attachments here, please!)
in Facebook

I prefer not to share my cell phone number or home address on the web – the options above should be fine for starters. 🙂 Oh – in case you’re a visualizer, this is a version of how the Candidate looks like:



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